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I can't say it's cheese, either, but it sure is good!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I was introduced to the "We Can't Say It's Cheese" products at my local health food store, For the Health of It. I was perusing the cool vegan products when I came across it; I like to look but don't typically buy any of them. I was studying the container when Ed, the owner, asked if I'd like to try some. Free food? Of course I'd like to taste it! He gave me a yummy garbanzo bean chip to dip in it, which was very good, too, but I digress. I was amazed at how good this "cheeze" spread was! I ended up purchasing the Hickory Smoked Cheddar-Style Spread. Sean didn't seem as impressed as I was with my new love. I practiced self-control & came home & only ate half the container. The next day, I ate half of the half that was left. All the while giving Sean ample opportunity to have some. Finally, the third day (okay, maybe it really was the second day) I polished it off! When I mention this spread now, Sean will say he didn't have a chance to eat any--whatever!

The biggest surprise to me? The main ingredient to this thick, creamy dream of a "cheeze" spread is oatmeal. Of course I saved the container as a reference to the ingredients used. I have since been playing around with a recipe, I have made it 3 or 4 times with great success. Saturday I tried to make queso dip or what I grew up calling Rotel dip; basically Velveeta cheese melted & mixed with Rotel tomatoes. This was the dip of my youth; I no longer make Rotel dip, but I must admit, if there is some at a party, I do have a dip or two or ten! I haven't mastered the consistency of the original Rotel dip, yet; but I was in a hurry to get to a cookout, so didn't spend too much time on it. I ended up pureeing the batch with the Rotel tomatoes with a plain batch; the result had a wonderful spicy, smokey flavor. I didn't hoover over the bowl as my husband did at the cookout(he has developed more of an "interest" in this spread since his first taste), but I do think that my "cheeze" was enjoyed by vegans & non-vegans alike (I came home with an empty bowl). Next batch, I'm adding fakin' bacon bits! They can't say it's cheese & neither can I, but we sure do love it at our house!

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posted by Jamie the Foodie
8:13 AM


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