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Tofish sticks with cauliflower & cheeze

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I have been out of the blogging world for a while, but I find myself back today. I make no promises. I can't just type a little "blip" & post it & go; it's just not my personality, I am a perfectionist...which is a curse & a blessing.

I typically mill around other vegan blogs & get inspiration or ideas or recipes. A while back I saw a recipe for tofu fish sticks & thought it sounds great. I love fish & still eat it; remember, my husband is the vegan, not me. But I also love to play around with making faux meat & all things vegan, it is a complete challenge to me & I love it. It took me a while to remember to pick up some kelp granules at the health food store; but I was there a couple of weeks ago, saw some & purchased them. So, the night before last, I decided to try the tofish sticks. I sort of combined the recipes found on Tofu Mom's blog & the Shmooed Food blog. I didn't have any almonds, so I used cashews. I also steamed some cauliflower & served it smothered in homemade cashew cheeze. I don't normally care for cauliflower unless it is smothered in something & this something really was delicious!

I asked Sean to make himself some tarter sauce using his vegan mayo; I have not been able to make that switch yet...so I was planning on making my own tarter sauce using Duke's real mayo. But, I did tell myself I would try Sean's version before making my own. However, as I watched him add ingredients that I did not deem necessary nor at all appropriate for tarter sauce--I am from Alabama & my Daddy did used to raise catfish, both of which make me an expert on the ways of tarter sauce--I had resigned myself that Sean's version was going to taste like something other than tarter sauce. Lo & behold, when I tasted it, it actually tasted like tarter sauce & I wasn't even bothered by the "wang" of the vegan mayo! Sean is absolutely brilliant at recreating flavors & mixing things together to make a wonderful flavored anything! I will have to post about his popcorn sometime...it is to die for!

So, my critique of my tofish sticks is that they tasted great, but really just tasted like fried tofu; the tarter sauce was the only indication of "fish". Next time I will use more of the kelp granules; I am assuming that some are stronger than others & maybe I just got a weak batch. It was a great meal, very filling (i.e. very fattening--but I never worry much about that sort of stuff, however, we don't normally eat fried foods & when we do, they sit heavy on the stomach). I was planning on having a "fish" sandwich with the leftovers, but Sean ate most of those before I had a chance to make a sandwich. Have I ever mentioned the fact that no matter how much of something I make, Sean usually eats it all before he goes to bed? He is very thin & you would never guess that about him. Sometimes when I wake up in the mornings there is a sink full of dishes from where he has had another full meal after I went to bed! I don't know where he puts it all!

Until next time...

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posted by Jamie the Foodie
10:00 AM