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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Sean is working on a new website for me. I think my current website is just grand, but as a perfectionist, he is always looking to improve on the exisiting, whether it be his piano playing, his running, his painting or my website. So, this past weekend we went to my hometown of Brewton, Alabama to shoot pictures at the house where my Mother grew up, which now belongs to my aunt & uncle. We chose to take the pictures there because the house was built in the early 1900's & really has a lot of southern charm.

First of all, the house is located on one of the two main roads in the town, so when people ride by & we are on the front porch shooting pictures--people notice! Sean got a good taste of Brewton when a huge truck on "jacked up" wheels came revving by with an enormous rebel flag flying on a full-length flag pole somehow attached in the bed of the truck, with 3 shirtless guys in the front! Mind you, Sean grew up in Kansas.

While there, we decided to take advantage of the kitchen & shoot some cooking video, too. I brought some food with us, but still needed to buy a few things to cook what I had in mind. I needed tofu. Brewton is small; they have about three grocery stores. It was getting late, so I decided I should call & find out if any of the stores carried tofu. I thought my best bet would be Wal-Mart. Here is how the conversation went after the associate answered the phone...

Me: "Hi, I was wondering if you all carry tofu."
Associate: "What kind of food?"
Me: "Tofu."
Associate: "Please hold."
Associate: "What is it you're looking for?"
Me: "Tofu, t-o-f-u. It's a soy product. It is typically found in the refrigerated section."
Associate: "Ohhh, tofu! Please hold."
Associate: "Yeah, we carry tofu. It's in the produce department, so when you come, just head on over to produce."

Wow! What an ordeal; but they had it & were open until 11:00 that night. So I was able to make my scrambled tofu. I was trying to make very simple dishes, nothing fancy.

I guess I had never thought of how difficult it would be to cook while being filmed & attempt for my personality to come across. I am cooking away, lost in my thoughts, Sean is nearby in the kitchen behind the lens of a camera & it is difficult to be chatty, but not too chatty, funny but not cheesy. However, we finally got into a rhythem & got some good footage. Really I just want my potential clients to be able to see me on my website & get a feel for who I am; I have a very outgoing personality & am likable, in my oh-so-modest opinion!

So for just a couple of days this weekend, I was a starlett in my own right! And do you know what? I liked it!

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posted by Jamie the Foodie
2:44 PM


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