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A Day at the Spa

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Each year for Christmas, my Daddy gives my Mother a gift certificate to Serenity by the Sea, a spa at Sandestin Beach Hilton. My Mother loves going; however, she does not like going by herself. Back in June I was cooking non-stop for clients & there were a couple of days where my Mother came & helped me prep. She really got to see what it is I do as a personal chef (part of it at least, she didn't get to experience where it all comes together in my clients' homes, which is really the magical part). But she did see how much I love what I do, but, also, how hard I work. (She was exhausted at the end of each day!) That week she told me she wanted treat me to a massage soon since she still had her gift certificate. It didn't happen in June, but it did finally happen yesterday.

We met in the parking lot of the spa where before we could go in, I had to trim her toenails! Yes, you read that right! That is a job that has fallen to me, her youngest daughter. I don't love the fact that I have to wear glasses, however, when I have to trim her nails, I am thankful for the extra barrier! I often tell her I am going to invest in a hard hat & a pair of safety goggles! What she told me was that she could not have a massage with toenails that so desperately needed to be trimmed (cut, I should say, trim sounds so dainty, there is nothing dainty about those nails!) Also, she told me she just couldn't bear the thought of walking in the spa without any makeup on, so she applied full makeup before going for her massage, which she would have to wash off before getting her treatment. These are the ways of a lady who grew up in the 40's & 50's.

I hung my robe outside the sauna & left my flip flops there, too. When I came out of the sauna my shoes were still there, but my robe was gone. No problem, except my glasses were in the pocket (yes, I said I don't love having to wear the dreadful things, but I am not fond of contacts, so glasses it is if I intend to see anything.). I checked the pockets of the robes hanging there & we started asking people to please check their pockets. I had a good idea who may have accidentally grabbed my robe. So when I went back to the dressing area, I found her drying her hair...with only panties on! I really wanted to wait until she was finished & dressed, but I was afraid I would miss her & she would throw her (my) robe into the dirty laundry & then my glasses would be lost forever. Don't get me wrong, I am not a prude nor am I overly modest. However, I never took PE past elementary school nor was I invlved in team sports & I don't go to the gym; I am just not used to women hanging out in the nude. I asked the other lady in the dressing area, but they were not in her pockets; I was forced to ask the topless lady. She stopped drying her hair & searched the pockets of her robe, which took longer than necessary it seemed, but sure enough there were my glasses in the pocket of her (my) robe! It was akward for me & my oh-so-southern-belle Mother, but not for the topless lady, interestingly enough!

Our massages were wonderful & we had a fabulous day. And I will encourage my Daddy to continue his tradition of giving my Mother a gift certificate to the spa every Christmas if it means she shares the love with me since she doesn't like to go alone!

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posted by Jamie the Foodie
8:31 AM


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