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Bragging Rights

Monday, March 16, 2009

This short little entry isn't about food at all (this will probably the first & only time you don't even see a picture of food or mention of food). Tonight I am going to brag about my husband, Sean. I have been tempted to give him a "name" like other bloggers do, there are many I have thought of..."Red-beard" as my Daddy calls him; "The Hippie"; "The Vegan"-being that he is vegan & I am not; however, in my blogs I just call him "Sean", in real life I call him "Bay". I digress--what's new?

Sean & I just returned from a long weekend at Lake Martin in Alabama. More on that later. On Friday he was at his keyboard practicing away & I was sitting on the couch reading a magazine. In the magazine was a calendar which reminded me that today was THE DAY! You see, Sean is a jazz pianist & is currently in college at Northwest Florida State College near where we live. He recently submitted a CD of his playing to be considered for the Kathleen T. & Philip B. Phillips Jazz Piano Competition in Pensacola, Florida. Players from really prestigious music schools like Berkley & Julliard enter; only 5 participants are chosen. The deadline was March 6 with the promise that if you are chosen you would be notified by March 13.

So, as I sat on the couch & had the realization that today was THE DAY (March 13), I got very nervous & anxious. I didn't want to mention it to Sean, I didn't want him to be nervous, too; it's bad enough for one of us to be nervous. Instead, I suggested we get dressed & go to the little boutique grocery store, Katherine's. As I was getting ready, Sean's phone starts ringing & the caller ID says "UWF", that stands for University of West Florida, the college that hosts the competition; I start yelling for Sean that UWF was calling! Needless to say, my talented husband has been chosen to compete in the Phillips Jazz Piano Competition on April 3! Only 5 were chosen & Sean was one of them! I am so proud & wanted to share our news with all who are willing to read my oh-so-(too)-detailed blogs!

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posted by Jamie the Foodie
11:18 PM


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